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Passport Day

Date 06-11-2019 at: 00:00

Konsulat Honorowy Republiki Łotewskiej

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Content in: English

A passport as a gift! An inspiring mix of cultures, customs, culinary specialties and interesting stories awaited Wroclaw students during the Passport Day at the Wrocław Stadium. 2.5 thousand On Wednesday, the children met with consuls of various countries, including Martin Kaczmarski, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia.

The idea of ​​the meeting was to familiarize the youngest residents of Wrocław with the culture and customs of other countries. Therefore, each participant of the event received a special passport in which he collected stamps.

- Many attractions awaited the children at our stand. Everyone who answered the questions about Latvia received a stamp from us. In addition, the children got themed gadgets from us. We asked about the capital of this country or its official language. The kids also had to indicate its location on the map - reports Anna Koblańska, representative of the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia.

Stamps in passports are not the only attractions that awaited the meeting participants. Children at stands promoting different countries could also taste original regional delicacies.

The organizers, i.e. the president of Wroclaw together with consuls, plan to repeat the undertaking next year. An open two-day celebration is planned on the Wrocław Market Square.

We can't wait!

Lista konsulatów:

Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Austria

Konsul Honorowy Królestwa Belgii we Wrocławiu

Konsulat Honorowy Republiki Chile

Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic

Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of Denmark

Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Finland

Honorary Consulate of France

Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania

Honorary Consulate of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Malta

Honorary Consulate of the United Mexican States

Honorary Consulate of the Slovak Republic

Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of Sweden

Konsul Generalny Ukrainy we Wrocławiu

Konsulat Zjednoczonego Królestwa Wielkiej Brytanii i Irlandii Północnej we Wrocławiu

Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Italy

Konsulat Honorowy Republiki Łotewskiej

Konsulat Królestwa Norwegii

Konsulat Honorowy Hiszpanii

Konsulat Honorowy Republiki Indii

Konsulat Węgier we Wrocławiu

Konsulat Republiki Kazachstanu we Wrocławiu

Konsulat Honorowy Gruzji

Honorowy Konsulat Estonii

Konsulat Honorowy Republiki Turcji we Wrocławiu

Konsulat Honorowy Federacyjnej Republiki Brazylii we Wrocławiu