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Polak, Łotysz- dwa bratanki

Pole, Latvian - blood brothers

From 28-03-2019 to 29-03-2019

Konsulat Honorowy Republiki Łotewskiej

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Strengthening cooperation between Polish and Latvian companies - this is the main goal of the mission of the Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia, Edgars Bondars, who at the end of March was a special guest of Martin Kaczmarski, the Honorary Consul of Latvia in Wroclaw. The ambassador was accompanied by Latvian entrepreneurs and the son of a well-known Latvian artist.

On March 28 a meeting took place in the West Chamber of Commerce, where Martin Kaczmarski welcomed the guests. During this meeting, entrepreneurs from Poland and Latvia could exchange their experiences, strengthen business relations and establish cooperation.

The program did not lack cultural accents. Invited guests took part in the vernissage of the work of the Latvian artist Valdiss Buss at the Academy of Fine Arts. Edgars Bondars also visited the National Forum of Music, as well as the National Museum, where guests could talk with director Piotr Oszczanowski.

On the second day, the Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia met with the representatives of the Wrocław political scene: Wrocław's vice-president Jakub Mazur, voivode of Lower Silesia Paweł Hreniak and the marshal of the Lower Silesian Voivodship Cezary Przybylski.

The Ambassador was impressed by the hospitality of our compatriots, we, as the Honorary Consulate of Latvia, will certainly be able to promote Latvia artistically and touristically.

photo by Mariusz Kaczmarski

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