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Wydarzenie: Jestem Europejczykiem.

The event "I am European".

Date 22-02-2016

Konsulat Honorowy Republiki Łotewskiej

Polski English

Content in: English

On 22th February 2016, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia, Mr. Martin Kaczmarski took part in the event organized by the City of Wrocław and Wrocław Teacher Training Centre, Cettenial  Hall  and the European Parliament Information Office in Wrocław, with the support of the European Parliament. " The event "I am European" was a competition for the best documentary film about the relationship between the European Parliament and the everyday life of young people.

Final ceremony connected with the film show was held at the Centennial  Hall with 3000 students of various schools and special guests of the event.

The project was part of the official programme of the European Capital of Culture.

Lista konsulatów:

Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Austria

Konsul Honorowy Królestwa Belgii we Wrocławiu

Consulate of the Republic of Bulgaria

Konsulat Honorowy Republiki Chile

Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic

Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of Denmark

Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Finland

Honorary Consulate of France

Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania

Honorary Consulate of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Malta

Honorary Consulate of the United Mexican States

Honorary Consulate of the Slovak Republic

Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of Sweden

Honorary Consulate of Ukraine

Consulate of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Italy

Konsulat Honorowy Republiki Łotewskiej

Konsulat Królestwa Norwegii

Konsulat Honorowy Hiszpanii

Konsulat Honorowy Republiki Indii

Wicekonsulat Węgier we Wrocławiu

Konsulat Republiki Kazachstanu we Wrocławiu

Konsulat Honorowy Gruzji

Honorowy Konsulat Estonii

Konsulat Honorowy Republiki Turcji we Wrocławiu

Konsulat Honorowy Federacyjnej Republiki Brazylii we Wrocławiu